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About LifeLabs

Singtel LifeLabs is the innovation & partnership arm of Singtel, a global initiative to search for the most inspiring ideas, people and companies. We enable innovation through conducting proof of concepts and rapid prototyping to validate ideas and bring them to market.

How we work

We inspire and accelerate innovation through partnerships

Find & Seek

Meet with companies, find the right fit


Test & Validate through proof of concepts


Launch in relevant markets within the Singtel group

Recent collaborations

Recent projects with global impact

Linkoping, Sweden

Indoor Positioning & Navigation

SenionLabs is a Swedish-based company specialising in "sensor fusion" technology and indoor GPS. Singtel integrated their technology for indoor positioning in SGMalls, an app that helps Singapore shoppers navigate the large, expansive malls in the city. Combined with WiFi triangulation, we help customers efficiently locate the exact deals and stores they are looking for, maximizing their shopping experience.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Real-time video creation

Wochit is a cloud-based video creation platform which produces videos real-time as events unfold. Newsloop, a news aggregator and reading app developed by Singtel's Group Digital Life, deployed Wochit and enabled users to sit back and view news videos on NewsLoop TV. Newsloop TV was well-received and there are plans to expand the news video capabilities using Wochit's technology.