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Welcome to L!feLabs

SingTel L!feLabs is a global innovation initiative to inspire and enable ideas to become reality. It aims to accelerate innovation through collaboration with strategic partners, renowned research institutes as well as the innovator and developer ecosystems.

Here at L!feLabs you can get involved with a wide range of initiatives that benefit developers, startups and all potential SingTel partners. Get an overview of our global innovation network, from investment to acquisition, from incubation to commercialization and from engagement to strategic partnership.

Join us as we take you on an amazing journey from ideas to reality.

Work with Us

We want to work with you to best serve our customers around the planet - whether you’re a hacker, hipster or hustler, whether you are about to start or join your first startup or you are already in a maturing business.

SingTel L!feLabs are located in Singapore, Israel, Boston, and Silicon Valley where you can experience our capabilities and test your ideas. We have partnered with leading research institutions, such as MIT, to facilitate cross-pollination of ideas and continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

Creating successful partnerships
Indoor positioning with SenionLab

SingTel partnered with SenionLab to enable Indoor Positioning on the Android version of SGMalls, an app that helps Singapore residents navigate increasingly large and confusing shopping malls. By utilizing SenionLab’s “sensor fusion” technology coupled with WiFi triangulation, we can go inside malls to help customers locate the shops they are looking for.

Peter Bunus, President and Co-Founder of SenionLab AB:

Whenever we see a successful mobile application integrating a disruptive technology, someone once made a courageous decision. Together with SingTel we were able to bring to market the biggest single deployment we have seen yet of a customized indoor location technology covering 50 shopping malls in Singapore. We have been thrilled to work together with a team that shares our dream of a mobile, always connected and location aware community."

Voice recognition with Novauris

SingTel partnered with Novauris Technologies to build a local voice search for deF!ND, a digital assistant service. Novauris applied its Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to “Singlish”, a unique version of English spoken in Singapore, resulting in astounding accuracy - from recognizing local delicacies to understanding and unique acronyms.

Melvyn Hunt, President and Co-Founder of Novauris Technologies:

“It was fascinating to work with SingTel on speech recognition for its deF!nd concierge app. English is pronounced quite differently in Singapore from other parts of the world. Speech recognition systems (such as Siri) not customised for Singapore tend to run into difficulties. Novauris worked closely with SingTel Idea Factory to collect and study speech in Singapore. We discovered that it follows its own rules but is just as consistent and recognisable as speech in London or New York once the speech recognizer is adapted to it.

Movie recommendations with Jinni

SingTel partnered with Jinni to recommend movies based on individual preferences and viewing history for mio TV PLAY, a video streaming app available on Samsung Smart TVs. Jinni’s Taste Engine goes beyond the usual keywords and genres that most review websites use to capture emotional responses to movies and recommend movies by analysing the viewers preferences.

Yosi Glick, CEO and Co-Founder of

"SingTel set out to revolutionize the user experience on connected TV and mobile devices, so they were a natural partner for Jinni. Together the teams worked closely to bring the first intuitive, personalized discovery experience to Asia on both mobile and IPTV."

Internet video discovery with The Video Point

SingTel partnered with The Video Point to accurately recommend internet based video content on mio TV PLAY. Recommendations are based on individual history and preferences including content from all popular video platforms like YouTube or CNN. The Video Point crawls them for a mix of music, news, entertainment and TV shows while monitoring user’s viewing behavior (e.g. episodic vs. genre) to better recommend content.

Roy Ionas, CEO of The Video Point

"The collaboration between SingTel and The Video Point brings a new differentiated TV experience. Having the ability of watching personal, high quality curated video content that comes from the internet with a simple intuitive lean back user interface makes the connected TV really connected."

Inspire, enable and accelerate innovation through collaboration


As a global multimedia and ICT experience provider, SingTel helps companies grow through venture funding and acquisitions of innovative startups.

Innov8 manages our venture fund while the Regional Seed Network (RSN), Optus-Innov8 Seed Program in Australia, Kickstart Ventures in the Philippines, and AIS the Startup in Thailand are an alliance of early stage incubation programs operated by various members of the SingTel Group.

Successful ventures
Bubble Motion

The investment in Bubble Motion represents an opportunity for SingTel Group members to offer additional value added services that can leverage existing core voice services. Through SingTel Innov8's relationship with the SingTel Group, Bubble Motion has successfully launched across three SingTel Group members ­ Airtel (India), AIS (Thailand), Telkomsel (Indonesia), and Globe (Philippines). These partnerships have resulted in strong growth in Bubble Motion which currently have over 25 million unique users.

Tom Clayton, CEO Bubble Motion:

"The team at Innov8 have been great partners to Bubble Motion. Not only have they been unwavering in their support they are also willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in as we build the company."

2359 Media

SingTel Group members are increasingly exploring ways to engage with their mobile customers as there is no denying that people are using their mobile devices to connect, interact and transact. SingTel Group has partnered with 2359 Media across most of our new mobile initiatives to create and monetise mobile ad inventories across various platforms, such as the popular SG Malls app as well as the successful Newsloop app. From conceptualizing, designing and eventually launching the apps, 2359 Media has been a great partner every step of the way.

Wen Han and Hong Ting, co-founders, 2359 Media

"Our relationship with SingTel Innov8 has opened further business opportunities for us to help brands create a strong presence in the mobile space and engage audiences, both within and external to the SingTel Group."

Turning ideas into businesses around the globe

Access our ecosystems

SingTel has a range of collaboration models. If you have a mature invention and are looking for a technical path with SingTel, bring it to our Foundry to test it with our domain experts. This could be a next generation video solution or “hyperlocal” service technologies, for example.

For companies looking to run business experiments with us in Asia, take part in the SingTel Innovation Exchange (SiX). With links to associations and governments, SiX helps you incubate and commercialize your products through business platforms such as trade conferences, developer competitions and community events.

A playground for experimentation


SingTel is uniquely placed to inspire the conversation about the future of interactive technology. The Experience Centres will provide a forum to showcase the future of interactive technology in an engaging and experiential way. They will be created in partnership with global leaders in interactive innovation.

More will be created in partnership with global leaders in interactive innovation.

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